Adriel's 1st Birthday

Deciding on the right cake topper for Adriel's first birthday cake was more of a challenge than I anticipated.. All these number ones, and not a single one in sky blue! To be fair, I did find one on Amazon...... then it arrived melted. So warning to all: ordering a candle online during the middle of a Texas summer? Not a good idea. 

I ended up with the 1 on the right, but I never got the chance to see it on the cake. Our poor little baby was sick on his birthday! I've been told that the cake was eaten over the next few days, even if his birthday wasn't actually celebrated until later. 

Vanilla cake, sky blue frosting, candy sprinkles, all the happiness. 

Delivered in a cake box - I'm a professional!

So, funny story.. In my rush to finish this cake and get back home for another party, I sorta kinda almost dropped the cake as I was getting in my car! It smudged the side, so I frantically ran back inside to perform emergency surgery (i.e. scrap all the icing off that side and repipe it). I arrived at my customer's house, so proud that you couldn't see the damage. And wouldn't you know it? The first thing Adriel's mama did when I delivered the cake was stick her finger in the side to taste the frosting! When I looked at her in shock, she said, "What? He's a baby - he won't know the difference!" lol I suppose I could have left the smushed side alone and said the same.. but I wouldn't have felt right delivering a cake that was less than perfect! 

"Galette" is French for "leftover empanada dough I don't have a plan for"

Once upon a time, I tried making empanadas. I wasn't the best at it. But after struggling through three, I had had enough - which left me with a pile of dough and a bowl of spinach dip.

After a few quick searches of the interwebs (searches like, "empanadas are hard" and "what do I do with all this dough?"), I settled on making a galette. According to the scholar Wikipedia, 

Sarah Eats Crow: the Blue Apron edition

Eat Crow: an American colloquial idiom, meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. (thanks, Wikipedia. You serve all my citation needs.)

I had a side hustle for a couple of months in which I prepped meals for other people, mostly single dudes who were too lazy to go to the grocery store for themselves. While that was going on, I pretty much felt jaded that I had other friends doing meal prep subscriptions like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh since, in theory, I could be prepping meals for them as well. However, I've changed my position, cause... Free is free. As an ex used to say, "free is my favorite flavor."

When a coworker offered me a free box from Blue Apron, I realized it was silly of me to keep saying no. If nothing else, it was fiscally irresponsible. So I signed up.

Basically, here's what happens.

Sky Blue Birthday Cupcakes

My beautiful friend and coworker, P, asked me ages ago to make a smash cake for her cute little boy's first birthday party. I, of course, obliged. A few weeks later, she sent a text message asking if it would be too much trouble to add 2 dozen cupcakes.. Little did she know how happy the additional request would make me! 

Missie stroked my ego and asked how I got the cupcakes so uniform and level. The secret?

My love letter to empanadas

I went to Argentina for three weeks in 2015. All I did was eat empanadas. True story.


Last week I decided to make some. It is very clear that empanada formation is not a skill with which I was born.