Apartment Hunting

Ooh.. this is new! I've never gotten to look for an apartment before. Usually I just crash with someone else.. Wait. That's what I'm doing now. Oh well, it saves me the grunt work of searching. I think we're going to be living in Condesa which, according to Wikipedia, "is considered to be one of the most fashionable, especially among young businesspeople, artists, students and others." Umm..... does that mean whatever I do will instantly become fashionable? Or maybe they'll just kick me out for not being artsy enough? QuiƩn sabe.. Hmm.. Experiment time.

Regardless, here's a link to the ever-so-reliable Wikipedia page on the colonia: Condesa

IF it works out, I'll conveniently be sharing a furnished apartment with two other becarios, and I'll live nearby to a few more. Fiesta.