Time to get started

I just found out today where I'll be working for the next year of my life. First "real job." First time full-time will last for more than a summer. First time living on my own for more than a summer. I'm excited.

I got the email today from COMEXUS telling me that I've been chosen to work in Texas Ribs, a restaurant chain located in DF. This was the job I really wanted-- despite my interest in manufacturing, despite my dislike of barbecue sauce (hopefully that will change.. soon!), I really felt like this was the job for me. The company is new and seems to be doing really well. As they grow, I get to learn from them. I'll be working directly under the CFO, and my interest in managerial and analytical accounting will influence the types of projects I'm assigned. Last year's Fulbrighter did a lot of marketing-related projects for them (I'm sure I will too), but I've been told the internship has the potential for a lot of flexibility based on my skills and interests. Good for me!

Oh-- I also know I'll be taking classes in ITAM, not ITESM, but that's about it. You now know about as much as I do. I'll keep you updated.