Change of plans. Again.

So, despite getting my hopes up, our landlady seemed to have changed her mind about things overnight. Instead of meeting with us like planned Saturday, she kept disappearing anytime we looked for her, so Ceri and I decided it would be for the best to live elsewhere. We're still looking for an apartment, but in the meantime, we're renting a room at Kris's aunt's house. His grandfather died recently, and the aunt has decided they could benefit from the extra income.. So we get to help out a friend and his family since they've helped us so much.

We met Cynthia last night, and she's such a darling girl. So sweet, and it seems like we may have a lot in common (Cynthia, if you're reading this, you better not have me fooled!). Regardless, I've been so fortunate with my roommates so far. My limited Spanish is definitely not equipped to efficiently apartment shop; I need to look for a better way to pull my weight in this. I don't think my wit is going to carry me much longer. (I'll pretend it has thus far.)

I arrived at the hotel for our orientation today and met almost everyone. It seems like a good group. We meet our bosses tomorrow! I'm excited.. and nervous. Can you believe that I have to work IN the restaurant for the first few weeks? Good thing I spent that time waiting tables at the Steam Room. It might would help if I actually liked eating barbecue, though. I wonder how long I can get by in this job before someone notices that I don't like wings? For your viewing pleasure, click here for the website for Texas Ribs.