Tomorrow, tomorrow..

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow.. You're only a day away!

I arrive in DF tomorrow. I'm full of so much excitement, I can hardly stand it. Of course, I'm nowhere near ready to leave. I haven't finished packing. I haven't finished cleaning out all my stuff at home. I want to leave things sorted and ready to go, in case I come home from Mexico ready to move to another city.

I have a million little questions and concerns about things when I arrive, like where places are and how do I take care of this or that. Perhaps I'll get lucky and have internet when I arrive. Google maps are my friends.

I know following a blog of someone's life can get boring, so I'll do my best to keep things interesting by including photos. Besides learning important stuff about business in Latin America, a goal of mine for this year is to learn to write more eloquently. I tend to write as I think, unorganized and unfiltered.

For the sake of my hypothetical readers, I'll try to do better.