Full¿time chamba- aka i hate mexican keyboards

today{s blog post has very little to do with the title, except for the fact that i{m at work right now. getting my fingers accustomed to this keyboard is going to take awhile so until then, i{m not going to bother trying. oh well.

} or {=´

I haven{t really wanted to blog for the last few weeks because, frankly,
i{ve been depressed with how things are going. anyone who knows me knows i like plans.. and i like when life goes according to my plans. nothing has really seemed to work out like ive wanted since i got here, and there{s nothing i can do to control it. our first apartment didn{t work out. searching for an apartment is hard. orientation last week was great for meeting other fulbrighters, but otherwise, probably not the most exciting use of my time. i learned that i am not agressive at all when it comes to networking. despite meeting lots of important folks, i am not someone who is jumping to ask for a business card, and i am absolutely terrible at remembering people}s names when i meet them. i should work on the latter.. the former_ we}ll see.

we found a new apartment this week. three bedrooms and gorgeously new and clean. $13,500 pesos a month. we want it. unfortunately, there are a million little details that may keep us from getting it. my fingers are crossed. another thing that could disappoint me. yet again¿ we{ll see.

i tried getting my tarjeta de no inmigrante yesterday (more simply known as a visa.. or what i{m calling a green card ha!), but one of my forms that COMEXUS filled out for me had my name spelled wrong, so yesterday}s trip to the immigration offices was a fail. soo frustrating! it{s a government form. spell it right. rawr.

however.... i had a lovely (though brief) chat with Brittani last night.. A friend I{ve known since MSA and through Millsaps. She{s apparently struggling with her new move to the DC area too. Beyonce, Kelly and Ne¿Yo all lied about independence being a good thing. Shame on them. It{s hard getting things done without help. Friends really are a blessing.. It makes me feel more willing to help other people. Because goodness only knows the mess I{d be in here without Kris. The best part of talking to BJ last night was that she reminded me of the thing I most often forget.. I am not in control in the first place. As a Christian, my life belongs to someone much better at directing me than I am anyway. I{m God{s, and HE knows what He{s doing with me, even when I don{t. Nothing I try will make much of a difference in the end. He{s in control, and He knows what{s best for me. And He}s definitely not out to see me fail. All will work out in the end.. Besides, aside from a few (extremely frustrating) inconveniences, nothing BAD has happened to me anyway. I{ve been perfectly well taken care of.  And I always will be.