Costillera soy yo

I wish I had written blog entries during the time I was working in the restaurant just because the experience was so truly ridiculous that I want to remember every bit of it. I did, however, get a blackberry during that time, so I'm going to go look up my facebook statuses from that period just to give you an idea of how things were going for me..

To explain, everyone who works for Texas Ribs is required to go through a 2-3 week training period in the restaurant to learn how things are done, to get to know the product better. I was working 6 days a week, anywhere from 9-12 hours a day in the kitchen, learning how ribs are prepared, how food is cooked, how inventory is kept, what the fry cooks do, what the grill cooks do, what the waiters and managers and everyone else does.. And I loved it. Some days I got tired, some days I got bored, and some days I even wondered why the heck I had to be wake up at 5:30 am for a job that wasn't even my job, but I loved it.
In fact, now that I'm working in corporate, I really miss the kitchen.
When I was living at Kris's house, here's how I got to work.. Three blocks to the pesero stop. Fifteen minute pesero (old school bus) ride to the metro bus stop. Cross a crazy busy intersection, 15ish minute metrobus ride to Napoles, the stop in front of Texas Ribs. Sometimes I made it to work in 30 minutes, sometimes closer to an hour. Getting home was usually a nightmare.. You never knew how many people would be on a bus at any given time, if you could even get on, or how much traffic would keep you held up in the same spot.  Always, always an adventure. The day I got pushed and my jeans ripped on one of the seats was definitely my favorite day. (By the way.. I now just choose to walk a couple miles to and from work to avoid public transportation.. It's not for me. There are more people in one MetroBus than live in Silver Creek.. I'm not kidding.)

And let the statuses (stati?) begin:

I took public transportation to Texas Ribs today and made it back alive! Lunch was delish, but we ate waaaayyy too much.

I forgot to mention that S Club 7 played today in the restaurant. Good times.

Sarah Hartzog: pretending to teach English to Mexican executives. Thanks, Kristopher Barillas for taking me along to class.. ha!

No luck getting my visa today. Thanks for spelling my name wrong on the forms. Blegh. No apartment so far either. At least I can take the public transportation here without getting lost (yet).

Although the status of my visa is questionable at the moment, at least I'm not an illegal immigrant like Joseph Martínez. #silverlining

I was not the only woman applying make-up on the metrobus this morning.

If I have a restaurant one day, we will not serve ribs. First day working in the kitchen, and I made it out alive!

There's too much traffic in DF for the traffic lights to stop working. This city is #DeFectuoso.
     *a nickname for the city I learned from one of the managers..

Not even the street vendors are at work at 8 am on Saturdays.

Burger King will deliver, but they don't serve breakfast.

I swore I'd never eat at VIPS, but some things aren't worth the fight. I needed breakfast before work, and Whataburger is nowhere to be found.

Hey Houston Hartzog, guess who spent all morning peeling shrimp?

My future restaurant can serve shrimp, but only if we buy it already peeled. Or pay an underage kid to do it.

Playing bachata makes all things better. I wonder if our dishwasher would notice if her iPod disappeared for a few hours while I tried copying her music..

I don't own a single pair of slip-proof shoes. My job has become a slip and slide for me. Sweeeeet. #dreamsdocometrue

I have a newfound respect for John Taylor Hallmark. Managing a restaurant is no joke.

For anyone who has ever seen me use a knife, (Jeanna Hartzog) I managed to chop food all morning and no part of my fingers got left behind on the cutting board.

umm.. I forgot to mention.. I chopped my finger yesterday. It's not chopped off.. But it's not pretty either. I don't think they'll make me cut anything else after this.

(to Mom)...... No joke. I really did cut myself.. But I'll be fine. And in another month or so I can probably take the chipped polish off my nails without the acetone burning too badly. :)

(a few days later).....Umm.. so I burned that same finger this morning with my flat iron. I give up. I am a mess... However, I did get better at chopping stuff.

Hey Jeanna Hartzog, our onion rings are in fact made fresh here.. How do I know? Because I made them today.

Anyone know what time public transportation starts up in DF? I have to be at work at 7 on Monday.

I just heard God of This City playing in a convenience store here. Unexpected, but cool.

My manager just walked by my table and told me to `sigue en facebook`. he was serious. this is my reward for working all weekend and showing up at 7 today. me gusta.

Tomorrow I`m introducing Tony`s to Texas Ribs. I feel like their corn on the cob could use some spice. Bryan Duprée and Denaé Michele Hebert, you know what I`m talking about.. I wonder if I can convince them to wrap the corn in bacon..?

(my one day during training working in corporate)...Me: I didn't plan to wear a full suit today.. But it's cold outside. Cynthia Villamizar: Girl, I'd wear a prom dress today if I were you after wearing a hairnet all week long.

(during said day in corporate)...I almost wish Texas Ribs had billable hours.. I'd have set a new record for unassigned time today. I've got to start being less efficient with the assignments given to me.

Women: I can not change places with you on the Metrobus when your arm is wrapped around me holding on to the bar. I promise you will not fall over when we´re packed in like sardines. Just MOVE.

Today hostess, tomorrow bartender. I love my job.. If only they would move to Merida.

Being a bartender is stressful.. I'm feeling sorry for the poor people who train me.

martes de las carnitas! yum!

attention fulbrighters: check the exchange rate and get to a bank. we're above 13 right now.

and finally...
First day out of the kitchen.. I am not cut out for corporate life.