No longer homeless

Pictures will have to wait til I'm home again but.... Here's the rundown.

Cynthia and I ended up splitting up to find places to live. I'm paying a little more than I'd like to but, you win some and you lose some.. I love my new house, the kitchen is huge, my room is beautiful, and my bathroom is so amazing I feel like a rockstar when I get dressed in the morning. The house is three bedrooms + a loft that the girl (woman?) who owns the house built for herself and lives in.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure there's about 23487893 bathrooms in the place because just this week I found a new one. Be careful with the one in the kitchen, though.. Apparently, awhile back during a party, the inside doorknob disappeared and they never found it.. So, if you close the door, you'll be locked in. Ruh-roh.
We also might be the only house anywhere around that has both a washer and a dryer
My spoiled American self is more than pleased with this.

I live with four and sometimes five other people, but I have a room and bathroom to myself. The others in the house are a mix of Mexican, Portuguese and French-Portuguese multi-lingual folks, and from what I've seen of them, I like them a lot. However, I've been mocked on multiple occasions for going to sleep early. I think I'm usually getting in or going to sleep about the time they go out. ha! Oh well..

I have them all fooled, it seems..
The first few times I saw any of them just happened to be while I was cooking somewhat elaborate meals and desserts.. Little do they know that basically everything I cook turns out the same.. Chicken+onions and peppers, side of rice/pasta.. It doesn't change much. They think I'm an awesome chef though.. I'll let them spread that rumour.

We live three blocks from a Superama and a reasonable distance from a less expensive grocery store.. Superama is like Wal-Mart grocery gone fancy (owned by the same company, lots of ''imported'' (i.e. American) items.) They've even got free home delivery if I decide to buy heavy stuff or need to go pick up an extra 20L jug of water. Crazy, right? It's funny how I can get so excited over something so silly..
We have free home delivery in the US too.. It's called your car.
Anyway, I feel so much more settled in now that I have a place to live. Things began falling into place and I feel a lot more rested knowing I have a place to go home to at night, a place where Mammo can send me mail, and a place to which I can invite friends over.. or to come visit and stay (hint, hint)!

UPDATE: I just found an old facebook status from September 1..

Psych season 6 doesn't start til October 12. As long as I have a house with internet by then, what else is there to complain about?

So true, so true.. I did get a home before Psych started.. And like I said a few days ago:

The best thing about Monday night classes is knowing that a new episode of How I Met Your Mother is waiting for me when I get home. 

Priorities, kids. Priorities.