Ups is the Mexican way of writing Oops. My ''oops'' moment here is going so long without posting.. And for that, I'm sorry (Mom). Following my last post, we had more than our fair share of bad luck finding an apartment. Nothing seemed to work out at all for us.. Just as we thought things couldn't get worse, Kris's aunt asked to meet with us..
clearly not Kris's aunt

Basically, she had this to say,
''I'm not kicking you out but, uhh.. Hurry up and get the heck out of my house.''
After that, we felt a certain amount of pressure to umm.. get out.
Ceri decided to branch out on her own, and Cynthia and I were left not really knowing what to do. We wanted to rent a place together, but things just weren't falling into place. We looked at various options for just one of us to take, but neither of us wanted to leave the other one homeless.. Just as nearly all hope was lost, we were super excited to find a (kinda ugly but rentable) two bedroom apartment in La Condesa. We met with the landlady, signed contracts, then got screwed over ended up without a house. You can read more about that in Cynthia's blog.

Lesson learned: I'm a foreigner here. I have no sway. I know no one who can get me an in. My best shot is simply to hope for the best.. And the people most likely to help me here are ones who went through the same issues themselves.

Anyway, I was in not the best spirits for a significant period of time. Some call it culture shock, I just call it plain old depression. Like I mentioned before, it's hard for me not being in control of things and so much was just not working out for me.. Rather than perpetuate the negativity, I decided to just go MIA for awhile, but no worries.. I'm back. Until I disappear again.