Something Offal This Way Comes: Practically plagiarism

Remember how I said one of my goals was to learn to write more eloquently? Not there yet. However, my friends do a pretty decent job. Read this and see a way in depth description of the preparation of my Tuesday lunch.. Really, read it. Martes de carnitas, the waiters call it.. Every Tuesday, a temporary marketplace that may or may not be called Tianguis (that's my guess at what people are calling it) sets itself up behind the building my office and the restaurant are in.. It's tradition for the waiters to buy a few kilos worth of, well, cooked pig that comes with a giant stack of corn tortillas to sop up the grease-- umm, I mean to make tacos--and several salsas (though not as many as Brittany is enjoying in Yucat√°n, and unfortunately not my beloved habanera). Anywho, I somehow made my way on to the short list of outsiders included in the joys of carnitas each week, so every Tuesday around noon, I try to sneak out of the office and downstairs into the restaurant to partake in the deliciousness. When I don't, Chucho scolds Liz and me at lunch..
picture this with more grease.
By the way.. I've long since learned not to question what I'm eating.. Brittany could learn from me.