I started a new job last week-- an absolute blessing. Staff Auditor II for Halliburton. I studied accounting: I'm now an auditor. I'm bilingual: they need Spanish speakers. I loved working in Manufacturing: they're elated to have that experience on the team.

I will be assigned to all of their Spanish speaking countries, which this year will include Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and others, and put on as many MFG audits as they can squeeze in. My first of the latter will be in March. I'll be glad to dust off my safety glasses and boots for it. :)

The change of pace for work is mind-blowing. The halls are quiet. I wake up later than I used to be at work. So far, the afternoons draggggggg like no other. But they say it'll pick up. I like when I'm too busy to realize I'm bored. Or hungry. Or, like today, getting to be quite hangry.
"Hangry: hungry and angry, especially when the anger is induced by the hunger"
Where am I this week? Houston
Look for me next in: Trinidad