Ice storms and weekend work?

In typical Halliburton fashion, work won't be canceled tomorrow, regardless of the weather. Safety first=try not to turn into an icicle so that you'll be able to drive more responsibly. Grrr...

Add to that I found out today I'll need to come in to work on Saturday so we can stay ahead of the curve on our audit. Why am I not furious about this (besides having just started and knowing how little has been expected of me thus far)? Because
we get a comp day!

Corporate America: I get it. Deadlines are in place and money is on the line, so sometimes extra hours are necessary. But there's nothing stopping you from rewarding hard work appropriately! Work now, and get the day off later. There should be a balance, something I didn't have before.
Much appreciated, Boss Man.

Quick detour: Orange, TX to visit the brother who is home for a few days.. I suspect he's more excited about getting a Moz burger than seeing me tonight. Picture to follow.

EDIT: Can you believe after all that driving, the burger place was closed? We ended up trying some other greasy spoon type place that could neither spell nor pronounce, and it satiated that craving for a burger. Throw an avocado on there with a jalapeno sourdough bun, and I'm happy as can be.
Seeing the brother was great too. :)

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