Meeting famous folks

We weren't the only people in Trinidad for Carnival, as you might imagine.. Here are the famous folks we met and actually talked to.. There were others we saw from afar, but that's far less interesting.

At dinner tonight we met Project Runway season 9 winner and former Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Anya Ayoung-Chee.. After advising us on which fetes (parties) to go to for Carnival, she left us to
stuff our faces with fancy food. Yay! The audit is overrrrrr.

If you want a delish dinner and great atmosphere in Port of Spain, I highly recommend Buzo!
Friday, our last day, we went to a huge fete at the Hilton hotel.. before leaving, some guy flew past us and we heard, "Hey, that was Usain Bolt!"...... so of course we ran to follow. Darlene got a pic with him-- whyyyy on earth didn't I insist on the same??

And finally, my new crush, Damien Wayans, from Single Ladies fame, was in Trinidad to host a Soca competition with Tahiry (also famous from American reality TV). Good times, good times.

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