Confession: I'm not sure I know how to be happy with what I've got.

The brother once pointed out to me that I'm the type who, once I've decided to dislike something, cannot be swayed from my misery. I see his point. I wish I could say he was incorrect.

I read somewhere once that great leaders, or entrepreneurs, or successful people or something were always looking towards their next big thing. The next great idea or invention or whatever. Somehow I've perverted that concept, in that I'm always just looking for whatever is next for a way out. I've just started a new job, and I've already resigned myself to believing I won't ever really like the work.

On the plus side, this job fills a need for me--several, actually. With the schedule, I always get to look forward to going somewhere new. Within five weeks, every job will close and a new one will begin. That's huge for me. For someone who is always looking to what's next, projects come and go in the blink of an eye. I'm hoping that with the extensive travel schedule, I'll save more money. You can't spend it if you're never here. When I am home, I am in the city of Houston more, trying new restaurants and occasionally doing that with other people. I'm around peers with similar backgrounds to mine, who don't all have babies at home (that's a big plus for me). Maybe I'll make friends.

An opportunity seems to have cropped up to help get a stronger alumni chapter for Millsaps started in Houston. I spoke with a professor today, and she mentioned starting one for the Business School. I'd like that. Maybe that'll lead me to some amount of satisfaction in the present.

Where am I? Anywhere, gazing out the proverbial window.

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