Allow me to introduce myself..

I basically just want to be a housewife. Of the hypothetical kind. The kind who can stay at home and cook and paint things all the time. In reality, I'm a young 20-something with an unreasonable infatuation with personal finance and early retirement.

I travel often for my job, but when I'm home, I love to cook and I like to paint, and sometimes I get my friends to pay me to do it. Kids' birthday parties have become my particular skill. (Check out more of the one below here!)

You will see a loooottt of repeat ingredients. This is for two reasons:
1) I'm a normal human person. I find foods I like and I stick to them.
2) I'm a normal human person. With a normal human budget. I can't be wasting ingredients all willy-nilly. If they're in the fridge, I've gotta figure out how to use them up. 

And finally, my computer stinks, so including links or photos isn't as easy it should. I'll do my best to give credit where credit is due, but for the most part, I stink at following recipes because I never really plan properly before beginning cooking. I throw in what I've got on hand and hope for the best.


PS.. About the hashtag.. A really incredible friend during a beautiful year in Mexico started posting the caption #hartzogswag with pictures of us..

And now, any time I'm with my brother, we tweet the heck out of the phrase. Every now and then, when I'm not around, a friend will step in and take my place, for the good of branding. :)

My previous blogs, from traveling with my job and living in Mexico have been merged into this blog, so you can see a little bit of past me. To be honest, I forgot about the former and gave up on the latter. Regardless, some good photos and great memories are there. I'll update from other travels as time goes on. Enjoy!