"I can't even look at the pictures it makes!"

Last night was intended to be a celebration and girls' night and brunch and "thank goodness it's Friday" all in one.
I'm pretty sure we covered all occasions. 
Maegan played sommelier and mimosa connoisseur all in one. Aunusha chopped veggies like a boss and hosted. 
I showed up and pretended I knew what was going on.

At Aunusha's request, we made brunch happen.. And as it was a special occasion, allllll the butter got used. And the salt. Annnd the oil. And calories were merely suggestions. 

Two potato hash got made.. Fair warning: when julienning potatoes, one russet and one sweet potato are enough food to serve three binge-eating girls, a constipated dog, and about four more strangers. Just imagine if Jesus had had two potatoes with his fishes and loaves...
(Ok, in retrospect, that might be blasphemous. Not my intention-- they just made a LOT!)
The girls got the runny eggs requested. 
Do the yolks of cage-free eggs break more easily? I can't tell you when the last time I broke a yolk was, but I had two break last night. Strange.
And finally, I made biscuits and honey butter. I ran out of milk and used beer in the biscuits, so that might be why they ended up fairly flat, but the flavor was right on. 
Serving suggestion? Cut those eggs up, mix it all in, and put a mountain of honey butter on those biscuits like they deserve.

Drop Biscuit recipe (adapted from http://www.seriouseats.com/user/profile/MarissaSertich's recipe) 
  • 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt (or sea salt, or table salt, or does-it-really-even-matter salt..)
  • 3/4 cup dark beer (or milk.. Lol)

To be honest, I preheated a pan in my oven at 400 and threw all the ingredients but the beer into my Ninja food processor (with the dough attachment, not blades!) and let it go to town. After things started looking crumbly, I poured in the milk i had on hand (1/4 c. 2% milk), and finished the rest of the serving with a Negra Modelo beer. I let things blend just a little longer, and then used an ice cream scoop to drop little balls of biscuit dough on the hot pan (that was definitely buttered within an inch of its life). 

Cook til they're cooked. The bottoms browned pretty well, but as you can see, the biscuits didn't exactly. I'm not sure to what I should attribute that flaw, but like I said- the flavor was still great. 

I topped them all with the honey butter I whipped up at home, using my Ninja blender-- this time with the cup for smoothies. I wish I could give you a recipe, but I really don't know what all went in it. Unsalted butter, honey, a dash of cinnamon, a couple chunks of powdered sugar, and then a lump of corn starch because it wasn't nearly as thick as I wanted. The leftovers were too thick this morning, so next time I'll just prep it sooner and skip the corn starch. 

Cheers! And congrats, Maegan!