Money Matters: Cash budget, take 2

As previously mentioned, I failed at sustaining my cash budget throughout the month. The first two weeks were amazing. I managed to end week 2 with about $170 in cash, just $6 more than needed to buy a kick-butt new vacuum cleaner. (Side note: I'm continually amazed and disgusted by how much it picks up. What filth was I living before??)

This Shark Rocket Upright is as good as reviews make it sound, I promise. It even comes with a zillion tiny brushes for detailing your car that I'm really glad to have and will probably never use. Money well saved and spent.

However, I quickly turned to eating my feelings and shopping as if I never had before. Bye bye, cash.

I bought these Gianni Bini pumps below in black initially, then decided I loved them so much that I never wanted to be without them. I went back and bought them in tan.

An online reviewer called them "a classic with class." I like that. They fit me perfectly and never rubbed- I legit threw away a pair of flats Saturday after purchasing the tan pair. Oh, I also bought these:

It is probably safe to say I've fallen hard for this brand. Fan for life if they keep this up.

Anyhow, my excessive spending at the end of the month didn't derail me completely. Those first few weeks laid the groundwork which allowed me to make a couple decent deposits to the Bank of Dad, as well as send a "car note" payment to my mom, as she's lent me her car for several months now, despite the damage I keep inflicting. I've set that up on auto pay for now, but the first time I'm feeling broke, that gets stopped. Sorry, Mom. That's what you get for being generous.

I decided I'd give the cash budget another try. Hopefully, with my car aligned/balanced/parts replaced/new tire/all the things, as well as a new vacuum, Pyrex for days, and steam cleaning done, I won't have any big expenses this month. If I can just taper spending another month or two, I'll be set for awhile.

However, I stink at making reasonable goals. I love going straight for the stretch goals, like cut out allllll the spending at once, or train for a 10k even though I haven't run in a year, etc. Then, after I hit the slightest setback, I usually chalk it up to failure and quit it.

At the advice of anyone who has ever met me, I'm trying to make more sustainable goals. Even a small amount of improvement is better than none. Perhaps a less restrictive weekly budget will make it easier to keep to it for a whole month this time instead of only two weeks.

Again, utilities and rent are excluded because they are what they are.. And they're on auto pay anyway.

Fun usually is just a buffer category for if I go over in another category. And food was just gonna be $80 this time, but I added incorrectly initially, and I figured it was a sign I needed to spend the extra $20, since I had it on hand.
And I definitely plan to get both a massage and a pedicure this week (much more than my $20 for spa), but Maegan owes me $50ish, so I'll be using every penny of that - treat yo self.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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