More veggies by 10 am than you eat in a day

I love me a good brunch. Unfortunately, I hate getting dressed in Saturday mornings, and I'm usually too hungry to make it a late brunch like most people do. Solution? Cook. It's practically free, and if you have a house guest, sometimes you can guilt them into doing dishes (hint, hint).

Presenting, zucchini and potato hash, on a bed of not-as-wilted-as-I-would-have-liked tender greens, and (duh) an egg.

Side note: I spent 24 years insisting that all eggs I eat be scrambled. Ever since I discovered how delicious a runny egg is over starchy goodness, I've been making up for lost time. Also, the clean up for a fried egg is way easier. If you can't get that house guest to wash dishes, you can totally leave that used frying pan out and it not look gross. Not that I'd ever do that. Cough. 

Sooooo here we go. Sauté up some diced potatoes (I used sweet and golden), throw in some seasoning- I'm partial to Greek seasoning when using a ready made mix-, add in onion, garlic, and peppers, then throw in some diced zucchini once everything is starting to soften. I used a lid on my skillet (e.g. Another pan, bc I have no lids - #repurposing) to keep the heat in. The rest of the meal is self explanatory. 

Chopped up some fresh basil bc I like how it smells.. Not sure what it did to the flavor, but it didn't hurt! 
And served like a boss. 

All in all, super healthy, and right around 230 calories.