Nice try, Diversified Consultants

Hahaha you big dummies!

So I got a phone call yesterday from a David Lopez at Diversified Consultants, about a "unique business matter." I was informed that, for "quality assurance purposes," the call may be recorded or monitored. Ok, cool. I certainly don't care. However, first, he must verify that he's speaking with the correct person.

Dummy: Can you please provide your mailing address or last four of your social, so that I can be sure I'm speaking with Sarah Hartzog?
Me: Ummm.. No. I don't know who you are or why you are calling.

Dummy: As I said, ma'am, I can't tell you that until you verify your identity.
Me: Let's try this again. I'm not giving you my information until you tell me why you're calling. 
Dummy: As I said, ma'am, I'm with Diversified Consultants and.. Hold on just a moment.. Okay, I have your address as #### North Something Something Parkway Apt. ###; if you can provide your city and state, I can proceed.  
Me: Nope. Not having it. I'm about to hang up if you can't tell me why you're calling. 
Dummy: I'm calling about a private business matter. If you can't verify your identity, I'm going to have to terminate this... 
Me: (hangs up)  
He called back again today. We danced a little before I hung up again, but this time I remembered the company name to Google them. Nearly 14M results came up, the top one of which is a class action lawsuit against the group.

DCI advertises themselves much differently than the countless reviews of them do. Their website announces they "are one of the nation’s leading Telecom-specific collection agency specializing in the recovery of Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite and Security debts," and they call themselves a risk management service. Umm.. I'm an auditor - I'm pretty sure I'm more in the business of risk management than them. 

I have no debt (except to my Daddy, but let's not remind him of it). I have a credit score that would make you cry. Yelp reviews agree: It's a scam, pure and simple. 

Try again, Dummies.. But with someone else.