Breakfast of Champions

Have we talked before about how breakfast is my favorite meal? This probably hinges largely on the deliciousness that is a good biscuit, though I haven't had any of those in awhile. I tend to eat more biscuits than a person should in one sitting, so I have to save them for special occasions. Or for when someone is visiting - which is usually the same thing. My breakfast this morning was an inspired choice- so riveting, it seems, that I plain ol' forgot I would need food for lunch today, and ended up grabbing something last minute from my freezer which still hadn't quite thawed by the time I was ready for lunch.

I had every intention of bragging about how I typically eschew adding salt to breakfast eggs, as we normally consume too much sodium in the American diet anyway, yada yada yada #humblebrag. In the interest of honesty with you, I'll admit I could have used some seasoning this morning. I added grated parmesan at the last minute to my scramble, but I think it really brought my flavor down a notch.

Today's breakfast was a win in the fills-you-up department. Scrambled eggs, leftover chicken breast (from who knows what meal in the past week), roughly chopped spinach, and halved cherub tomatoes (that you'd forgotten about in the back of the fridge). Look at all this protein and vitamin A!

I brought a banana with me to work this morning to add some carbs into my meal plan, but I genuinely was stuffed right up until noon, when I took lunch more from a desire to get up and move about the office than any hunger.

Here's the joy of a meal like this.. there's not much work to it, and it really required no planning whatsoever. It was all just stuff I normally have in my fridge anyway. Any tender greens you use for salad will wilt, any leftover protein can be warmed in the skillet, any vegetables on their last days mix in perfectly.

If you run habitually late like I do and you need to finish getting ready, or you're really on top of your game and you want to maximize how much laundry you fold while breakfast cooks, I've got the perfect trick for you. Turn your burner down really low (I'm talking in the 1-2 range; I normally cook scrambled eggs between 4-5), give everything one last stir, and throw a lid on your pan for a few minutes while you go frantically put on moisturizer and makeup so you can look less asleep at work without actually wearing makeup. JUST DON'T FORGET THE EGGS COMPLETELY! I'm only guaranteeing you 50-60% more time than you would have had by hovering over them at normal heat. Just practice your multi-tasking skills.

Explanation of the above photo: I don't own lids, so as I've mentioned before, I usually just top pans with other pans. It works the same, and I tell myself the steam and condensation are really just seasoning that lid/pan for the next time I use it. #nojudgment

Bonus! Hate washing dishes like I do? Reuse the same container the chicken was in to pack up the breakfast and take with you to work! The lid doubles as a cutting board for the spinach and tomatoes! WIN. Maybe consider rinsing it out in the office though, before you close it up and leave it in your bag all day. Lesson learned the hard way: Egg residue makes plastic STINK after 10+ hours.

Final perk of a meal like this: if your eggs are a little runny when you need to head out the door, IT'S OK! The trapped warmth of them in your Tupperware/Pyrex/Dollar Store container will finish them off by the time you're in the office and ready to grab a fork.

And if your eggs are a little dry when you remember them on the stove and have to head out the door, IT'S OK! The trapped warmth of them in your Tupperware/Pyrex/Dollar Store container will make enough condensation that everything will be a little wetter than you planned by the time you're in the office and ready to grab a fork.

Sounds a little less enticing, doesn't it? That's alright. Decadent meals are lovely, but you've got to get to work. And homecooked breakfasts like the one above are going to start your day off a zillion times healthier than fast food/flash frozen and reheated breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and soda would have. The whole point of food is nourishment for your body- not necessarily bragging rights on Instagram- and this power packed scramble has nourishment out the wazoo. The more you get in the habit of eating from home, you'll be surprised at how much you miss it when you don't!