Broccoli for breakfast??

IMissie recently bragged to me about her cheat day she'd taken, naming all kinds of deliciousness she'd eaten, but the one item that caught my eye (and stole my heart) was her mention of a quesadilla she'd enjoyed. (Side note: who knew England knew what quesadillas were??)

In light of my current lust for all things carb+cheese (refer to: pizza obsession posts last week and in the days to come), I had to have one. I immediately started imagining what food in my pantry or fridge would go best, and I preemptively started adding ingredients to track calories in myfitnesspal for the next day's breakfast.

While I'm fully aware that vegetables for breakfast appears something akin to torture, but I PROMISE you, this was nothing short of aww-inducing. I IMd my coworkers about it. I texted Missie photos. I promised myself I'd eat it again for dinner that night. (I did.) I considered going home at lunch so I could have it again then. (I didn't.)

I started by throwing some cooked mixed vegetables into a pan on my stovetop and topping with a huge handful of spinach. Squash, zucchini, bell pepper, and onion made up the main guts of my quesadilla, but I had some chicken on hand I wanted to use up, so I heated and chopped a few pieces of it too.

Allow me to say, measuring cheese bums me out. 1/3 cup of shredded cheese is enough to make a tasty breakfast. But it looks skimpy. More cheese is always better. Except for when your pants are snug and you need to watch calories.

I have burrito size whole grain tortillas on hand, so those are what I used. However, they're a little large for what I wanted, so I ripped them in half to keep my portion size in check. I live alone-- no one is gonna question the ripped leftover tortilla in the bag in my house.

As usual, Tupperware lid doubles as a breakfast cutting board.
Just take a look at all that flavor! (This is from my dinner- if I recall correctly, I drizzled in a little bit of leftover marinara as well. Why not?)

The tortilla gives a delightful crunch from its browned state.


This massive beauty made starting work a whole lot more exciting.

Have you ever seen a more balanced breakfast? ;)

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