I gave up pizza for this??

I've been away for a few months, traveling to Nigeria and Mexico for work, and New York and Mexico for fun.  My parents visited, and I spent a good chunk of time wasting money and calories on fast food, so it's fair to say I'm pretty behind on blog posts!
Since getting home in early August, I've  made every effort possible to make up for all the damage travel did to my diet by eating at home. Which means..... Lots of new recipes! It takes some time to get them in post-like form, so be patient, please. 

I really have been craving pizza for several days. Not even kidding, I've dreamt of it, and I've bothered Missie endlessly to pro/con the benefits of buying take out to be done with it vs making it at home. I was planning to make it yesterday, until I looked at my calorie tracker and realized it was too soon for a cheat day. 
Last Sunday after my parents left, I ate cookie dough for lunch. #adulthood

So, Sunday was the day! To make all my dreams come true, to stuff my face with delicious cheese and bread and bread and basil. And bread. Notice a recurring trend here? 

I poured endlessly over the interwebs, searching for the perfect recipe. I knew I wanted to use whole wheat flour, and I wanted just a touch of honey in the dough. Pillsbury used to sell a refrigerated, whole grain, artisan pizza dough that was just heavenly-- I liked it better than their regular one. 

I finally came across one on Sally's Baking Addiction (I'll post it soon- the crust is actually not the point of this story!) and I got ready to make bread.. The only problem is, my yeast didn't proof like I wanted. 
It just kinda.. Sat there. So I consulted with my friend Rachel, the baking artist at www.sharedfeast.com, and begged for her knowledge.

Since she had a photo to send right away, I can only assume I caught her in the middle of baking bread for the week. By adding the honey in the recipe to the yeast with the warm water, my dough actually turned out quite well! It rose quite beautifully, but terribly slowly. I gave up on dreams of pizza for the night and made use of leftovers in a wrap instead. 

Broccoli, squash, bell pepper, probably some corn.. Chicken, spinach, cheese.. And a drizzle of dressing, all in a whole wheat tortilla-- see, I got my cheese and carbs after all!

This looks kind of scant, doesn't it? Don't worry, I added more. 
By the time I finished, it was basically a salad in a tortilla. Of course, I'm not complaining about that. It was absolutely delicious!
I should note, though... I have no idea how to photograph this attractively: 
So here are some flowers instead.