Want beef, need veggies?

Today's post will be quick, to give you an easy option for taking dinner up a notch with close to no added effort.

You can handle browning ground beef, right? Can you chop a few veggies? I'd prefer if you did, simply because I care about your wallet, and prechopped vegetables are just begging to throw away extra cash, but I'll allow you to buy those nifty bundles of diced vegetables or grab a can or two. Wanna know a secret? I have a container of chopped green onions in my fridge now, too-- but it wasn't my fault! Walmart didn't have any others. Please forgive me? Phew! Thanks.

The only way I manage to pack lunch for work is to go ahead and divvy up anything I cook into plastic containers as soon as it's prepared.
Beef and Veggies
Serves 3-4 normal humans; makes enough for 5-6 meals for those counting calories. Approximately 175 calories per heaping cup. 

1 lb. 90/10 lean ground beef
1 med. squash or zucchini
1/3 onion, to taste
3-4 cloves of garlic, to taste
1 bell pepper
1/2 can yellow corn
1 tiny can of peas and carrots
1 handful of cilantro
(Any other vegetables you can think of)

(I added salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, paprika and garlic powder while the ground beef was browning, but seasonings are always up to the chef!)

Heat a large skillet or wok at medium high heat. Coat in cooking spray or warm 1 tbsp of oil while you chop/dice/slice your onion. Throw onion in first, diced garlic second, bell pepper third. Cook, occasionally stirring, until the onion starts to look translucent. Or, you know, til you get tired of waiting. Add ground beef,  and have fun mushing it around with your spatula for the next few minutes as it starts thawing and browning. My brother and I loved this job growing up. Trust- it's even more fun with fattier meats, but growing up and gaining weight is lame. Your choice. 
Oh! I forgot- start chopping your squash. Quartering it is easiest, but I prefer smaller pieces. When there's almost no pink left in the meat, toss in the squash and mix everything around. Give it a couple minutes and add the rest of the vegetables, holding out on the cilantro until your seconds away from serving. Enjoy the smell when the cilantro hits the heat. Mmmmm. (If you're Owen, yes, you can skip the cilantro, you whiny baby.)

That's it-- 10-15 minutes to a home cooked meal. 
Serving suggestion: pour over brown rice or the baked Spanish rice from ThugKitchen that I made when my parents visited and I keep forgetting to post. Optional: add salsa to spice it up or top with cheese because cheese is always tasty.

PS: If I'd had tomatoes on hand (or canned diced tomatoes/Rotel), I would have added them after the squash, but as always-- work with what you've got.