New cars are not immune.

I recently purchased a new car!! So exciting. Technically, it's a used car. But it's a 2014 Honda CR-V with only about 10k miles in it and it's new to me. So we're calling it new.

Lots of finance experts, as well as any random person you talk to, will debate the wisdom of new vs. used, citing depreciation and useful life and a bunch of Khmer factors, but the truth is-- I don't care. I made my decision. I was prepared to buy a new CR-V and throw caution to the wind for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I loved my old car. It treated me well, it kept me safe, and it kept its value REALLLLLLLY well. But I came across an excellent deal on a used 2014 that I couldn't pass up. When push came to shove, I negotiate like a boss, and I really don't regret it. (Even though it smells like smoke and the people that Mike Whatley Honda in Brookhaven, MS, had clean the car did a subpar job and I still need to get someone to detail it again because anything I leave in the car overnight also smells like smoke. #notbitter) 

Additional gripes include that I bought the car weeks ago and the registration paperwork was first sent to the wrong location in my city and rejected, therefore i still haven't even gotten a phone call from whichever government entity is supposed to call me about registering this thing and getting plates, and I'm supposed to leave the country this weekend. Grr. 

Oh, also, I woke up to a flat.

Thank goodness for technology and the little light that shows you you have a tire air pressure issue, because it was on the back right of my car and I would have for sure ended up trying to drive it to work. 

Not even gonna lie, I'm most mad that I have had to wait to get coffee. Forget the cost and the other stuff.

***UPDATE*** Discount Tire patched my tire for free. YASSSSS.