The Life Changing Magic of Frequent Trips to Goodwill and/or theDumpster

I read Marie Kondo's well publicized book, 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." Martha wrote about it. Gwyneth wrote about it a few months later. Reese and Blake probably did too. (To clarify, they wrote about the method, not about the fact that I read it.) The book is 224 pages of guidance built on two simple principles: Throw out things, and put what is left in its place. There are lots of gems of wisdom hidden in what has become known by her followers as the KonMari method such as, "sort and purge by category, not by room," or brilliant reminders along the lines of, "things you don't love have still served a purpose by teaching you what not to buy next time (aka, it's a sunk cost - get rid of it now)," and the GENIUS lesson to never, ever tell your family what you're getting rid of... 1 of 2 things will happen: you'll guilt them into "saving" the item from your purge and they'll acquire more junk, or they'll guilt you for giving it up. No bueno either way.

All of the lessons arrive at one beautiful goal: being surrounded in a space with only things that you truly, truly love.

I've been keeping friends on social media updated on the amounts of things I've purged. I was in a training last week at work when I relearned the acronym BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalent) -- and I promptly started measuring my items purged in TBE (Trash Bag Equivalent). I bought a huge box of giant trash bags at the store last week for packing.. (black bags go to Goodwill, white trash bags for the dumpster) However, not all items are easily transported in big, plastic bags. I'm looking at you, glassware and Christmas ornaments.
This is an organizer that came with my suitcase - great for carrying glasses, apparently.
That's where the TBE comes in - a universal measurement to keep track for the sake of my bragging rights. What's that you say - bragging rights? Yes. Just as I brag about my materialism by announcing to the world I just bought a new Mac and a car, I feel the need to brag to the world about all the things I previously bought and am now donating to Goodwill.

As of 21 September, I'm up to 10 TBE (only 1 of those went to the dumpster!) Remind me to plant a tree at some point to compensate for all the half used notebooks/paper I straight threw away.

Oldest item identified: Vegetable chopper my grandmother purchased in 1998.

Most ridiculous item not previously passed on to a new owner: turquoise suit I used to wear in beauty pageants. (photo to come from the pageant days if I ever recover the hard drive from my last computer)

Clothing items donated with tags still on them: 2

These are just the clothes I purged from underneath my bed. I am a hoarder.

DVDs donated still wrapped in plastic: >4 (I don't want to think about it)

Number of gifts I've found that I really should have given to the intended recipient long ago: 3 

Times I've gotten annoyed and wanted to quit and Brittani or Missie had to tell me to keep going: COUNTLESS.

My house is still a mess. I still can't find the Macy's gift card I JUST RECEIVED TWO WEEKS AGO. I don't see me ever finishing this task. However, I have to know that the day I ultimately move, my work will be at least 10 TBE lighter. Future Sarah will be grateful that Present Sarah did this. The struggle is real, folks.

- #hartzogswag