Apparently I’m competitive?

I recently purchased a Fitbit, one of those wristband pedometers that monitors your every move, literally. I went from slight interest to complete obsession in a week’s time, and that obsession hasn’t slowed in the slightest if my ever-depleting battery is any indication. 

It all started with one coworker who’d recently lost weight and another teammate who seemed to catch on to his excitement. Within 48 hours of hearing them talking about their competitions for step counts, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to order one for myself. I picked out the same model they’d gotten, the Charge HR, which monitors your sleep and heart rate, in addition to steps, distance and flights of stairs climbed. To date, three other coworkers and a manager have purchased Fitbit products since our constant raving about them began; at least one other coworker and another manager have Fitbits as well. 
“How many steps are you at?” is the common refrain in the office. 
Not everyone is as obsessed with tracking and syncing and watching their progress as I am, but I’m not even ashamed. In the 2 weeks since I got mine, I’ve logged at least 70 miles walked.. which I’m convinced is inaccurate and shorting me a good 8-10%, based on the one time I walked around a 1-mile track. Starting “challenges” against friends for most steps in a week or weekend has done wonders for making me get a move on! There’s nothing currently more embarrassing in my life than waking up on a Saturday morning to see that my roommates have already gotten 2 or 3 miles in, or that the new guy in the office is already hitting 5,000 steps, just from chasing his kid around. 

After a pretty slow weekend (read: binge-watching Netflix and lying on my couch), I’m only averaging about 9K steps a day.. Short of my 10K daily goal. I’m hoping that this week’s trip to Mexico City will push me up to a new record — maybe 20K steps in a single day?

- #hartzogswag