Walkin' in Memphis.. err.. Mexico?

You know, I’ve dropped in Mexico City since I left from my Fulbright year to move to Houston, but I really don’t feel as if I’ve spent any amount of time there on my own terms. Trips before were with a new friend or to go to a wedding, a layover on my way elsewhere. Never giving me time to get lost reliving memories.

I get to do that this week. By chance, or perhaps by kismet, I found the perfect flight at a steal. To be honest, the flight was even less expensive than any domestic flight I’ve purchased in years, maybe ever. And it came at the perfect time too. I’ve written about how eye-opening my trip to Russia was (insert link to post I’ve merely planned to write and haven’t actually written), in terms of making clear to me how vehemently I need a life change. I want to be in a more pedestrian city, where I can breathe it in and experience its nuances on foot instead of letting life pass me by while I sit in traffic. There was something so therapeutic about letting city sounds be my white noise as I walked along city streets. I need that in my life, as much for the peace that came with spacing out and the energy that comes from being more active day to day.

A few weeks ago, before buying the flight, I received an IM from my friend Jorge.
Jorge: Oye, gringa - when are you coming to visit us?
Me: Come on, you know I want to visit.. but I need a reason. It doesn’t have to be a strong reason, I just need one.
Jorge: We got a couch in our apartment. You could come test it out.
Me: Done.
When I told my family I was going back to DF for a visit, my parents have both asked, more than once, “Were you actually invited by someone, or are you just showing up?” I’m not sure what they think of me.. I promise I have friends! And if the above doesn’t count as them rolling out the red carpet for me, I don’t know what would. (Note: I'm eternally grateful. Seriously, I can't thank them enough.)

Aside from a through-the-grapevine invite to a Mexican Thanksgiving dinner (I’m crossing my fingers we have turkey tacos), I have zero plans for my time there. And I can’t wait.

PS. I brought my dancing shoes.. I gotta make a point to use them.

- #hartzogswag