Drunken mocha cupcakes

So I’ve decided that there’s a whole market out there for “booze-y cupcakes” and I’m just the person to reach them. 

Our office recently had an after work happy hour event, and a coworker asked me to make some cupcakes to take along. In the interest of time and cost, I actually used a box cake mix (my ever-faithful Devil’s food cake used in these cookies, among others), but doctored it to suit my purposes. In addition to the oil, water and eggs called for, I added both vanilla and coffee extracts to the mix. Nothing too fancy, but the cupcakes end up plenty delicious on their own.

The frosting is where the magic happened. Because I’m feeling generous, I’m willing to share PART of this magical recipe with you.. But as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll guard this frosting recipe with my life. Mostly because, if I share it with you, what use will you have for me after?

Add to a basic buttercream recipe (minus vanilla extract):
1/2 tsp coffee extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp coffee grounds (for texture)
1/2 tsp unsweetened chocolate powder
….1 tablespoon brandy (or whiskey)

This resulted in the most heavenly mocha/cappuccino frosting I’ve ever made/tasted.. And it’s delightful knowing that the frosting had booze in it, even though you couldn’t exactly taste it. 

- #hartzogswag

Next up: Red Wine-Red Velvet Cakes. I’m thinking red velvet cake stuffed with cream cheese frosting and topped with a red wine glaze.