If I invite you to dinner, this is what I'll make

Everyone has a favorite recipe, right? Not just your favorite thing to eat (french fries, cookies), but your favorite thing to make to impress people - because it sounds fancy or it looks pretty.

Stuffed chicken breast is my favorite entree. Veggie mac and cheese is a close second, though I imagine most carnivores would consider it more of a side. When it comes to vegetables, though, NOTHING beats my roasted garlic parmesan broccoli. I just made a huge tray of today to serve with lunch and dinner this week.

It's super easy. I promise. Broccoli (frozen or raw), crushed garlic, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes (you know, the kind that they serve at pizza places). Go crazy. Season until your heart is content. Roast at 425 degrees for 30ish minutes, shaking the pan/stirring occasionally. If things start looking a little too brown, you're done.

The chicken is a little more complicated. At least, it's more time consuming. I maybe should have begun with that. Oops.

I've followed different stuffed chicken breast recipes at different times, some which involve ricotta or mozzarella, but Basil and Bubbly's spinach stuffed chicken breast recipe was my starting point for last week's dinner with friends, and it was remarkably easy. I improvised just a little; I sauteed a good amount of sliced mushrooms in with the spinach and added minced garlic before mixing in the cheeses. I'm not entirely sure what technique was intended to mix up the spinach, feta and cream cheese, but I found using two forks to be my best bet - a whisk would have only resulted in making me mad, with lots of cheese trapped inside it. I also used greek seasoning mixed with a small amount of bread crumbs to season the outside of the chicken breasts, a move I strongly encourage.

I'm sure this is my fault somehow, but I found myself needing to bake the chicken a little longer than the recipe called for in order to be certain they were cooked all the way through. This could be from opening the oven to check on the broccoli while I cooked the chicken too, though. Just be forewarned.

I'm still eating leftovers of this stuffed chicken breast.... And my taste buds are still happy. Go forth and make some deliciousness for yourself.

What's your favorite recipe to make for friends?