Money I wanted to spend :(

I told you yesterday about my challenge to myself to not spend money for the first 15 days of March.
Here's a running list of all the things I wanted to spend money on and didn't:


Food is the main reason I am attempting to cut back on spending. Last month, I spent a whopping $126 on fast food alone! It's terrible for my health and just plain dumb when it comes to spending - I LOVE to cook, but I all too often get enticed by the allure of grease.

3/1/16   daily coffee*: $2.98
3/2/16   Monster energy drink**: $3.50
3/2/16   daily coffee: $2.98
3/3/16   daily coffee: $2.98

Money I probably would have spent any other time: $12.44

*Our company changed coffee suppliers a few months back, and they replaced it with filtered packages of dirt, or so it seems. Since I travel often for work and the coffee in different countries varies so greatly, I've tried a fair amount of instant coffee in the last year or so. This stuff by Folgers is my favorite so far! Just like a tea bag, you brew it in hot water, but better than most instant coffee, you don't end up with mountains of grounds down in your cup after.
It's like tea! But better!

Understand that large amounts of coffee are a necessity for me. At least by buying a box of this, I've got drinkable coffee, and I'm not paying nearly as much as I would by buying it at the Grab'n'Go in our office building. Cha-ching!

**Yes, yes, I know Monster is bad for me. But paying $3.50 for a can of it at the office is reallllly bad for me. So if I'm gonna have it from time to time, buying it from the grocery store or on Amazon "subscribe and save" is much much much cheaper. Did I mention it was much cheaper? Cause it is. (+Maegan, that link is just for you.)



3/1/16    Sip and Skimm $35 (let's assume I had two drinks, an appetizer, and left a tip wherever they met up. Let's forget that me not paying to do this was more about me wanting to sleep than it was a conscious budgeting decision.)

Money I probably would have spent any other time: $35


3/2/16     Kindle book $3.99 + tax (I was reading a series FO FREEEE on Kindle Unlimited* when, suddenly, the next book in the series was gonna be $3.99 for me to download. Such trickery! They almost got me to buy it before I remembered that went against my plans for no spending.. :( So, for now, I'll have to just look for other free books available to read.)

Money I probably would have spent any other time: $4ish

*Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that makes available tons of books for free! each month. Sometimes they're books by new authors who are looking to gain an audience; other times the first book of a series may be available to give you a chance to try it out before you buy. Some of them really stink, if we're being honest. But lots don't.

I have been on a Suspense/Thriller kick for awhile, and I really love books that I can inhale: read non-stop super quickly. As a result, some weeks I spend pretty much all of my time doing this-- and this can get expensive.. I'm pretty sure I spent $70+ on books through December and January, before I switched to this subscription. Best case scenario, I bought an annual subscription in February for 25% off, thanks to a promotion they had going on at the time.

It would be super awesome to say this was all money saved..... But it's still gonna leave my bank account at the end of the month regardless. womp, womp. I'm on a relentless mission to pay off my car note, so as of today, this just makes $51.44 more I get to send to Capital One.

Do you count money you thought about spending as "money saved"? Or does it have to go to a separate account for it to really be saved? Do you do something else? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

- #hartzogswag