Sky Blue Birthday Cupcakes

My beautiful friend and coworker, P, asked me ages ago to make a smash cake for her cute little boy's first birthday party. I, of course, obliged. A few weeks later, she sent a text message asking if it would be too much trouble to add 2 dozen cupcakes.. Little did she know how happy the additional request would make me! 

Missie stroked my ego and asked how I got the cupcakes so uniform and level. The secret?
Patience. And practice. Boring, right? I fill the cupcake liners about 2/3 full, and I usually end up spooning some of the batter around when I'm finished to make sure the ones that look a little lower are balanced out. One thing I've learned - and I'll swear by - is to make extras. Then you can always choose the prettiest ones to display. :)

I found these matching sky blue cupcake liners at Party City the day before the party! What a steal.

(Note of warning: Pretty much anyone who orders a dessert from now until forever is going to get pearl sprinkles because I have way too many.)

Aren't these little one candies the cutest? I'm such a fan. I needed something colorful to make the cupcakes fun for a boy's party, but everything else I saw bordered on girly. Love love love these.

Glitter. One can always use a little glitter.