Sarah Eats Crow: the Blue Apron edition

Eat Crow: an American colloquial idiom, meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. (thanks, Wikipedia. You serve all my citation needs.)

I had a side hustle for a couple of months in which I prepped meals for other people, mostly single dudes who were too lazy to go to the grocery store for themselves. While that was going on, I pretty much felt jaded that I had other friends doing meal prep subscriptions like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh since, in theory, I could be prepping meals for them as well. However, I've changed my position, cause... Free is free. As an ex used to say, "free is my favorite flavor."

When a coworker offered me a free box from Blue Apron, I realized it was silly of me to keep saying no. If nothing else, it was fiscally irresponsible. So I signed up.

Basically, here's what happens.
They ship you a refrigerated box of all the things you could possibly need for a recipe.

You'll need precisely 14 flakes of red pepper..
I find this lone egg adorable.

And instructions that are way optimistic in prep time.
Prep time: 30 seconds. Instructions: chop 47 vegetables, wait for your egg to hatch a baby chicken, filet and bread it... 
All in all, it's pretty cool having a whole box of groceries show up to your house for free. If you're not interested in subscribing, you can always cancel after the first one. From what I've seen so far, these companies are fairly new and looking to grow their client base, so they're pretty quick to offer you free meals in the future, or free coupons for your friends. Definitely worth giving a try if you have the chance.