Adriel's 1st Birthday

Deciding on the right cake topper for Adriel's first birthday cake was more of a challenge than I anticipated.. All these number ones, and not a single one in sky blue! To be fair, I did find one on Amazon...... then it arrived melted. So warning to all: ordering a candle online during the middle of a Texas summer? Not a good idea. 

I ended up with the 1 on the right, but I never got the chance to see it on the cake. Our poor little baby was sick on his birthday! I've been told that the cake was eaten over the next few days, even if his birthday wasn't actually celebrated until later. 

Vanilla cake, sky blue frosting, candy sprinkles, all the happiness. 

Delivered in a cake box - I'm a professional!

So, funny story.. In my rush to finish this cake and get back home for another party, I sorta kinda almost dropped the cake as I was getting in my car! It smudged the side, so I frantically ran back inside to perform emergency surgery (i.e. scrap all the icing off that side and repipe it). I arrived at my customer's house, so proud that you couldn't see the damage. And wouldn't you know it? The first thing Adriel's mama did when I delivered the cake was stick her finger in the side to taste the frosting! When I looked at her in shock, she said, "What? He's a baby - he won't know the difference!" lol I suppose I could have left the smushed side alone and said the same.. but I wouldn't have felt right delivering a cake that was less than perfect!